Young Eyes Watching

I logged into my personal facebook account to find a message request.  The message was from a young and very handsome man.  Before reading his message, I did what most introverts would do and did a little digging on his profile to see what kind of personality I could place on his essay-looking text.  Hmm…a footy player who loves good food and is very loyal to his squad.  From the looks of things, his squad could easily pass as fitness gurus. Yes, he does appear to have the perfect virtual personality.

I proceeded to read his message which was a gentle plea to date one of my younger sisters. What a gentleman he is, to be asking permission from big sister.  He already wins bonus points of approval, if you ask me.  Now, lets pause for just a second here.  If a guy makes contact with you to tell you that he is interested in one of your close friends or [in my case] sister without her knowledge, what would you have done?  I guess we all have different personality types and there is no one-size fits all answer to this question.  But just out of curiosity, it would be great to know your response.

So back to the message request. What did I do?  Simple. I told my sister point blank.  She read the intimate message and smiled.  “Of course I am flattered. He is a great guy. But, no thank you.”

I looked at her to see whether she was kidding.  “Are you seriously saying, that you are not interested in this good looking guy with VERY good online etiquette?”

My younger sister smiled.  “Sis, I know me very well. And I know this guy very well too. You only just learned about him a few seconds ago from reading his message and doing a bit of background digging online, but I grew up with this guy. And the answer is NO. So can we just drop this?”

The entire arena erupts with loud applause for my younger sister.

She was right. Instead of choosing PATH B of stringing this poor guy along in the hopes of eventuating a promise that would most likely never happen without my sister’s knowledge and approval, I opted for PATH A.  Path A was to let the sister know and get her response on the matter, point blank, before telling the guy immediately so he can move on or pursue and not be left out in the cold, second-guessing.  If the answer was affirmative, then by all means, go for it. If the answer was negative, then be upfront about it to the guy so that he does not waste his time on something that will never happen and move on. Lord knows, he deserves to be treated better.