What do you do if you have only 15 minutes left for class?

What do you do if you have only 15 minutes left for class?

I notice something while preparing for class.

I let that something continue to distract me to the point where I find myself here, writing this blog post instead of packing up and making my way over to class which begins in about 12 minutes now.

So what is this distraction you might ask.

It’s a fellow student standing next to me. His eyes tightly closed behind his thin black rimmed glasses. His hands clasped together against his chest. His lips moving, uttering something as if in prayer.

He stoops to the floor. Kneels on both hands and knees. His head dives down. Right down. His forehead touches the floor. He gets back up again and repeats the whole thing three times or so.

I look around and notice groups of students studying, slurping down water and chatting about recent group work assessments before returning my attention at the student praying next to me.

What a sight to watch. All I see is commitment and real dedication to God.

A part of me is overwhelmed with guilt as I watch him return to his laptop and pile of papers on his desk next to me. I’m suddenly left asking myself, how is my current relationship with God? ¬†Hmm…