101 Reasons to stay alive

Because I love and appreciate your existence, here are my 101 reasons to stay alive. Enjoy!

1. Sunrise
2. Sunsets
3. Cute puppies
4. The feeling you get when you tell a funny joke and they laugh
5. Christmas holidays
6. Movie-marathons
7. Strolling to the beach and feeling excited
8. Climbing mango trees
9. Potting mango with your gang after school or work
10. Mango achar, Mango skin, monkey’s ball, Chinese lolly, pawpaw skin
11. Winning random prizes in school, work or club gathering
12. Receiving a genuine compliment for making an effort
13. The feeling you get when you notice your crush staring at you from across the room
14. That wedding you’ve always planned in your head and shared to your gang just for fun
15. Nice flowers
16. Waterfall
17. Playing volleyball at the beach with random strangers who later want to add you on facebook
18. The rush of adrenaline you feel when you’re running towards the beach
19. Roasted chicken wings
20. Roasting marshmallows
21. Bonfires
22. Red velvet cake
23. That random moment when something or someone makes you laugh so hard and you just can’t stop laughing
24. That feeling you get when your favourite clothes fit you perfectly after you’ve worked your beautiful body so hard at the gym
25. Tropical fruit smoothies
26. Hash browns
27. “Catching up sessions” with the ladies or the girls over coffee or dinner
28. The free sauces from Hungry Jacks, Maccas, KFC that you like so much
29. Funny gifs
30. Funny YouTube videos
31. That feeling you get when you got the job and they want you to start immediately
32. There are inspiring and interesting people God has aligned in your life, that you are yet to meet
33. Dancing while making roti whilst listening to your favourite radio station
34. Your favourite song or music
35. That feeling of deep belonging you have when you’re hanging out with a group of Christians who you study the Bible together, pray for each other, attend concerts, camp in the middle of nowhere, drinks at the bar, dinner or National Christian Conferences together
36. Waking up on your cosy bed on a quiet, peaceful Sunday morning
37. Favourite collection of movies like Chocolat, Surfs Up, The Lord of The Rings Trilogy, Blood Diamond, A Walk to Remember etc.
38. French films, Bollywood movies, American rom coms
39. Favourite bands
40. Channing Tatum movies
41. There are ice-cream flavours you haven’t tried yet
42. Pretty cupcakes
43. Pretty shoes
44. Barbeques straight from the street and prepared with extra love
45. Nacho Libre
46. Cute babies
47. Free sweets from neighbours on Diwali
48. Wearing pretty sari’s during Diwali because you love getting all dolled up
49. Firecrackers at night during Diwali, New Year’s Eve and Shows
50. Merry-go-rounds and fun rides
51. Taking a selfie in the bathroom with your gang
52. The feeling you get when you facebook stalk people you find interesting
53. Using your favourite photo filter
54. Photoshop
55. There are lipsticks you haven’t tried yet
56. There are meals and exotic food you haven’t tried yet
57. There are pretty cars you haven’t seen yet
58. Your favourite authors and people who inspire you to be better
59. Your favourite Marvel comic superheroes
60. Mascara
61. Constantly new break-throughs: within the past 10 years, you’ve experienced free Wi-Fi, Apple computers, A Black President of the United States, Facebook, Nandos, Temple Run – and it’s only just the beginning of greater things to come
62. Athletics carnival, Cokes
63. Festivals!
64. The smell of lovo after church service on Sunday
65. Vaka lolo, Sivaro, Fakei
66. Lolo bun
67. Singing in the shower
68. Cold showers
69. Steamy hot showers before bed
70. The smell of coffee in the morning
71. Chilling in the bath tub with a good book on a Friday night
72. Barrack and Michelle Obama
73. Free Wi-Fi
74. Cover songs
75. X-Factor, American Idol (be inspired, disgusted or amused by performances)
76. Funny facebook confessions
77. Watching rugby live
78. Watching rugby over grog
79. When your best friend is happy
80. Warm hugs
81. Those funny moments of watching horror movies or telling scary stories at night and that one kid in the group asks you to escort them to the bathroom because they need to pee
82. Jamming sessions
83. Window shopping
84. There are still some things about your ancestors you haven’t learned yet
85. Seeing money in your bank account
86. Getting paid
87. Singing in the church choir
88. Singing ‘Ni Toro Mai Turaga’ to yourself
89. The feeling you get when you close your eyes to ask God for something
90. Miracles
91. Mozilla Firefox
92. Facebook notifications
93. Snapchat
94. The feeling you get when you finished your morning or afternoon run
95. The feeling you have when your crush sends you a friend request
96. The feeling you get when your crush likes your photos
97. When you can’t stop smiling because you know that somebody you like actually cares about you
98. Because people do care about you. I mean, blog post reference
99. Lifeline is free AND available 24/7. 13 11 14 if you want to talk.
100. The people at Headspace are young, share similar experiences and are willing to help you. You are NEVER alone. Google them, check out their activities on twitter and see how you can get involved.

101. Because you are destined for greatness.

Peace and Love