Two weeks ago I sat through a family meeting.  But it was not just the usual family time to talk and sort out issues kind of meeting. It was a family intervention.  Family intervention was not an uncommon experience in my family given that the younger members of the kinship grew up and lived with rudimentary checks and balances that was dutifully delivered from the older members of the family.  But this family intervention was somewhat different.

My family has been closely observing that I have gained two dress sizes over the past few months.  My parents were visibly despondent as they took the initiative to break the ice about love and continued support and not knowing how to tolerate morbid obesity within the family.



Admittedly, I am not in denial.  They were right.  I have gone from my usual size 18 to a voluptuous, more curvier, more generous size 22.


I have noticed how impetuous I have become in preferring to strongly favor meals that comprise a much lesser nutritional value that particularly is at a high peak during study sessions.  I gingerly cringe at myself sometimes whenever I jot down a few quick notes on one of Nigella’s instant gratification recipes.

The intervention allowed the family grounds to voice their overbearing yet entirely necessary concern regarding my currently unwelcomed state of well being.  And I accept that I am gaining weight rapidly that it creeps the living energy out of me.  I am not a smoker and I do not drink alcohol.  I merely enjoy an obsession for good comfort food way too much than an ordinary person would and prefer to live on measly junk to fuel me throughout study sessions or on a schedule with time constraints.  Because junk food is convenient as it is available in almost every corner shop and it is too kind on my budget.  Way too kind.  Like, lures me in and swallows me whole.  But that is of course, nothing short of a lame excuse.  I can do better.  There are a variety of healthier snacks and meals available and a wealth of information resources on healthy living as well.  I just have to merely begin to surround myself with the good stuff.

I have also decided to take this family intervention very seriously (and I came to this point like, after two weeks of serious contemplation of whether to do so or treat it as a total hoax, dismiss it all and continue to live my life in a state of denial).  My vision is to treat my body the way it was meant to be treated, fed and taken care of properly and live in a body the way it was designed (with the proper weight and height measurements strictly dished out by our family doctor). womanMy mission is to commit to a reasonable healthy food intake plan and exercise regiment that would assist me in making my vision come to life.  I will be accountable to my parents, my entire family, my God-given circle of friends and most importantly, to you valuable readers. 

This is going to be it.  Once I make this decision to commit to this new life of living healthy, you would be pleased to know that this journey will not be an easy one.  I’m sensing a bit of struggle, a bit of cold-turkey drama queen moments already because I am fully aware that there are four small boxes of Oreo ChocWafer Fingers Vanilla Cream in the cupboard (I’ve just devoured four pieces from its box and gulped down a small cup of full cream milk to go nicely with it).  Now that I have enjoyed a few, I understand that those were the last ones of its kind to indulge in and that I need to burn every other boat and connections because there is no going back to the old me; before I take this necessary change in my life for the better.

Goodness me.  I’m getting hyper excited already.  Lets just see how this one will last.  But in saying that, I am still hopeful to reach this goal because I know that I am loved by family and friends and I know that they love me enough to tell me what is wrong and to give me space and time for me to do something about it with complete love and support for which I am utterly grateful.  So lets get to it!


~Marama Vaka Buiniga~


Words of Encouragement


God knows how to make up for years you’ve lost in your life. No, you can’t relive your childhood, but God can make the rest of your life so rewarding, so fulfilling that you don’t even miss what didn’t happen in the past.

You may feel like you wasted years in a relationship that didn’t work out. But God can bring somebody into your life so great, so fun, so friendly, so attractive that you don’t even remember the years that you’ve lost.

You may have spent years on a job that turned out to be a dead end. You were working your way to the top; things didn’t turn out like you had hoped, and now it looks like there’s a big waste of time.

You may not see how you could ever get to where you want to be, but don’t believe those lies.  God knows how to make up for lost time.

Spiritual Inspiration


God can accelerate things. God can bring opportunities back across your path that you missed that will thrust you years ahead. It may not have happened the first time, but God will always give you another chance. He’ll make up for the lost time and bring you out better and stronger than ever before!

That Instant Pick-Me-Up Song

Listening to one of Lela Seruvakula‘s songs over the airwaves earlier this evening was nothing short of absolute fun that it possibly made it to the Top 3 Highlights.  I absolutely appreciate Seruvakula’s songs as a gen Y customer searching far and wide with an insatiable appetite for lively Fijian music that is just as good as the Fijian Sigidrigi favorites of mine such as Waikoula Kei Tavua and Seni Veitakula to name a few.


Photo Source: Fijian Lyrics


Because I mentioned only three highlights that I am grateful for today, I am not implying that my life in my mid-twenties is experiencing a drought of all the good stuff and therefore somewhat appearing completely uneventful.  Far from it.  I am saying that as I drag my feet over to the kitchen to pour myself a hot cup of coffee and miserably bite into an oreo (yes, I’ve resorted back to the cookies aisle in supermarkets.  I know right?  Eww! No need to panic for I plan to walk it off tomorrow) as I glare at the amount of paper work that needs to be completed and wondering when will my life begin…then Lela Servuvakula‘s song comes on, I must admit, I was literally overwhelmed with euphoria, the happy vibes, the “just-get-up-and-rock-the-pretend-dance-floor-in-your-kitchen-RIGHT-NOW-BEFORE-THE-SONG-ENDS!  AND I DID!  And I loved every second of it too (hence rightfully earning one of my top 3 highlights I am grateful for to my day lol)

No other Fijian musician except for the late Sakiusa Bulicokocoko of course (who is also another legendary Fijian musician) can easily compromise my serious composure as much as her irresistibly vivacious performance can.  Next to Moccona, Eat Pray Love, motivational words of Theodore Roosevelt, inspiring childhood role-models like Sitiveni Raturala amongst a few others and a dearest friend who lights up the entire city the very second they flash you a generously warm smile as they walk into the room, Seruvakula’s songs earns a spot on my personal Instant Pick-Me-Up.

Her professional career as one of Fiji’s renowned music artist simply is…Rui Totoka… me.